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About the Sustainability Initiative

Landsvirkjun and Alcoa Fjarðaál set up the Sustainability Initiative in order to observe the effect which constructing Kárahnjúkar Power Plant and the aluminum smelter in Reyðarfjörður would have on society and the environment and economy of East Iceland.

The owners and operators of the Sustainability Initiative are the following companies:

Initative management

  • Austurbrú has overseen management since 2013

Purposes of the Initiative:

  • To support the Alcoa and Landsvirkjun policies of following the ideology of sustainable development
  • To design a road map that will help the companies pursue their objectives of sustainable development
  • To develop statistical indicators useful for checking the actual success of these companies' operations in East Iceland in reference to sustainability

In regard to the Sustainability Initiative, the terms sustainable development and sustainability do not entail stating that the construction projects involved are or will become sustainable, but rather the desire of the two companies to pursue the goal of making the projects conform as insofar as possible to the ideology of sustainable development.