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Organization and management

Alcoa Fjarðaál and Landsvirkjun, owners of the Sustainability Initiative, are responsible for the financing, monitoring, and measuring involved. In addition, the owners communicate directly with the Supervisory Board, which is responsible for how the Initiative is conducted. Finally, the Initiative Management answers directly to the Supervisory Board and also acts according to requirements set by the Board. The Initiative Management is in charge of general website maintenance and sees to collecting website data, reviewing and developing the indicators, introducing the indicators and promoting the Initiative, and communicating with the academic community. Austurbrú has overseen project management since 2013.

Rules of procedure

Implementation of the Sustainability Initiative has brought to light an assortment of issues that demand a professional approach and has shown the importance of formulating rules that can ensure open, transparent processes in keeping with broad consultation.

The fourth Advisory Group meeting laid the foundations for two rules of procedure to follow when amending or developing the Initiative. One of these rules deals with modifying the sustainability indicators, the other with managing the annual general meetings.

VL001 - Process of modifying the sustainability indicators

VL002 - Annual general meeting of the East Iceland Sustainability Initiative