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Baseline Noise Survey - June 2004

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Titill Baseline Noise Survey - June 2004
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Lýsing Prior to the construction phase and the later operation of the Fjardaal Smelter a baseline noise survey has been carried out. The baseline noise survey shows that the ambient noise level in the area is dominated by natural sounds from birds, running water in the glacial streams and by local road traffic. The survey was carried out in week 24 in 2004 started on Tuesday 8 June 2004 and finished by the end of Friday 11 June 2004. The COWI employees Rasmus Krogh and Lars Find Larsen were responsible for the survey covering the noise impact at the future site area and the nearest surroundings in Reydarfjordur in-cluding Holmar and the Holmanes recreational area.
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Nafn Lars Find Larsen
Nafn Rasmus Krogh
Flokkur Hljóðmælingar
Útgáfuár 2005
Leitarorð Noise Survey, Hljóðmælingar